A downloadable game for Windows

Untitled Ghost Game is a free Multiplayer 2d ghost hunting game with 11 unique ghosts, 3 maps, and 9 items you can use to deduct what ghost you are dealing with. Be careful, or the ghost might get you.

Basic tutorial on discord server: https://discord.gg/7pu3xbBU55

Install instructions

For .ZIP files:

1. Click "Download"
2. Find the file (Usually in downloads)
3. Right click  the file and click "Extract all"
4. Go inside the folder and open up "Untitled Ghost Game.exe"

For Launcher:
  1. Click "Download"
  2. Find the file (Usually in downloads)
  3. Run installer
  4. Click "Download" in the launcher
  5. Click "Play" in the launcher


UGG Game Launcher 9 MB
UGG.1.1.4.zip 47 MB

Development log

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This game is super early in development so if you find any bugs, please leave them here!


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