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Untitled Ghost Game is Coming to Steam!

Free Multiplayer 2d ghost hunting game with 11 unique ghosts, 3 maps, and 9 items you can use to deduct what ghost you are dealing with. Be careful, or the ghost might get you.

Speedrun page: Click Here

Thanks insym for playing! 

My video about his video:

Insyms video:

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How do we download this?

It is on steam

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Deleted 145 days ago

If you are talking about making a fan game or something go ahead lol

hi :)

Hello there

Had lots of fun with this game with my buddy!

Thanks for playing!

game is awesome so far, i can wait to see it continue and grow. also do you plan on putting ugg on steam? 

My genuine response:
Deleted post

I intend to add modding support soon, but I don’t really know how yet. Also it is not open source but I see that might need to change. Thanks for your input! <3

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Source code available now, check github


I approve it ;)




love this game 10/10



good game would recomend 


Nice game! Shows good potential :) keep it up!


Very good game, simple but fun. played with Dubscr (dev) and he was very pog :)


Sussus Ammungus


Sussy Ammungus


Good game! really fun especially with friends!


This game is super early in development so if you find any bugs, please leave them here!


this game is demonic


ur demonic